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What we'll be doing in March in the Bioverse...

This month we have a lot on our calendar before the start of Spring Break. We met on Tuesday, March 5 and started organizing our cyanotypes into panels for our comics (see photos below). So many creative ideas about how comics can "look" and "feel" came up during our session. Students also explored the topics they will focus on in their comics with a collective ideas-writing exercise.

We will meet again this Friday (March, 8) to work more on the images that will help "show" our stories, as well as start our "haiku-ish comics-poems". And then we'll meet for our final session on Tuesday, March 12 to put all the pieces together before everyone starts Spring Break -- and I get to work on editing our comic book in my studio. Lots to do and lots of exciting adventures still to come in the Bioverse!

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