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What an inspiring week! Together, we printed over 300 cyanotypes! These images will become the “architecture” of our comics. To create the cyanotypes, students combined leaves, sticks, rocks, seeds, sand and other elements into creative and imaginative compositions. As we created our cyanotypes, we chatted about how engaging with the world around us might inform the stories we want to tell in our comics and reflected on all we have experienced so far in the project. Students created many exciting combinations of elements in their designs. Once completed, we’ll be returning all the elements we “borrowed” for our printing back to the dyke and surrounding area. As we didn't have a sunny day, we used an ultra-violet light to expose our images and a bit of cloudy sunlight through the windows. Thank you to all the the teachers and students, this was an especially "team effort" endeavour. And we did it! Following are some of the images from our process.

Next week (Tuesday, February 27) we'll start composing our comics and planning out the stories (and poems) that we'll be crafting as well as our "characters". Here's an example of a comics' structure starting to take shape.

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