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Biology in the Bioverse!

Updated: Feb 17

On Tuesday (February 13) we had an excellent (and sunny!) day with biologists Matt and Kathleen from the City of Richmond Engineering Department. They shared with us a deeper look into the GREAT variety of lifeforms calling the marshlands of Richmond home. Following are some of the photos from our day as well as the posters Matt and Kathleen gave us detailing some of the fish, birds, and pollinators who all live in the wetlands.

We also witnessed a gaggle of snow geese take to the air when a couple of bald eagles came a little too close for comfort. Did you know that a group of snow geese is called a "gaggle"? Snow geese are just one kind of migratory bird that spends time here en route during their long, seasonal (and global) migrations. Here is a short video of them in flight.

This coming Tuesday (February 20), we'll be starting our cyanotype printing from the collections we've been pressing for the past weeks. I've included another sampling of cyanotypes that I made as an example. What stories of the bioverse do you want to tell?

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