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Flood protection in action!

We had another exciting session in the Bioverse on Tuesday, Feb 6 when we walked over to the Williams Road Pump Station. There, the engineers from the City of Richmond showed us a behind-the-scenes look at the main computer or "brain" that they use to monitor and maintain the levels of run-off water in the Richmond area. They also demonstrated the water outflow from the pump station and we saw how the flow is diverted gently into the surrounding wetlands.

It was a clear day and signs of "almost springtime" were all around us (see photos). With one of the groups, we even spotted a lone coyote walking near the water's edge (a good distance away) and a group of nature photographers watching quietly with their cameras ready. Thank you to all the parents who joined us and took such captivating photos and to the City of Richmond Engineering Department for your thoughtful demonstrations and for answering all of our questions!

Following are some of the photos from our day and evidence of the multiple "stories" we found pushing up through the ground in this very special area.

This week (Tuesday, Feb 13) we'll be walking back to the pump station to hear from biologists at the City of Richmond about the wetlands and why this is such an important site for all the residents (human and other-than-human) in the Richmond area and beyond. Remember to bring rainjackets and boots if we have rain on Tuesday.

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