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So much has happened in the Bioverse!

Updated: Jun 5

It's definitely time for an update. As we move into June, we are all getting very excited about the celebration of our project (June 11, 2024). But before we focus on the launch, I thought it high time to share some updates from the last month (it's been a busy one).

Laying out our comics

After we finished designing our comics and added poetry and stories to our images, I took the finished works (75 in total!) to my studio to begin laying out the comic book for printing. This process involved scanning each of the works, digitally adding the text to each piece, and then setting them up in a book format for publishing.

One of the stacks of comics to scan

Once the comic book was finished and sent off to the printers, it was time to design the utility box wraps that will be used to cover two boxes near Dixon Elementary. Wanting to "test out" how the designs will look on the boxes, I made two small paper mock-ups.

Once these designs were sent off to the company that will print and install them, it was time to start planning the celebration. At the end of this post is the poster for our BIG event. Check back here throughout the week for more updates and a sneak peek at some of the comics from the book. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you on June 11!

See you on June 11th!

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